Fenzy Micro-K


  • Compact and lightweight (800g)
  • Worn on the belt
  • Vacuum pack with <<tear Starter>>
  • Half-mask with quickfix for forest fire helmet
  • Escape apparatus designed specially for fighting forest fires
  • Single use apparatus
  • Carrier bag equipped with a YKK® spiral zipper
  • Service life of 10 years, with a visual inspection at 5 years
  • Carrying bag material: high resistant Polymide
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A chemical oxygen device designed for escape from forest fires ensuring respiratory protection fully adapted to this type of situation. Used for many years, the Fenzy Micro-K has been lauded by fire-fighting departments around the wold after numerous missions in real conditions.

This equipment provides a means of survival designed to protect the user when surrounded by flames, or when escape becomes necessary. It allows the user to rapidly escape from fires, thanks to a smart design that ensures extemely fast donning providing a respiratory protection against the inherent dangers of forest fires (toxicity of smoke particles, burning of the respiratory tract, presence of carbon monoxide, anoxia, etc).

The Fenzy Micro-K is a single-use self contained breathing apparatus, that uses potassium superoxide (KO2): the humidity and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the wearer allows the KO2 to release oxygen and absorb to CO2. When activated, it generates enough oxygen to ensure a minimum service-life of 6 minutes (according to the conditions: respiratory rhythm, levels of exertion etc).


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