Tankless Skid with Centrifugal Pump


  • High quality components and great replacement part availability
  • The best quality/price ratio
  • 2 Year warranty
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Rapid intervention extinguishing module designed to be connected to any adapted tank and transported on pickup vehicles and trailers. Equipped with centrifugal pumps up to 25 bar with a maximum flow of up to 390 l/min.

Motor pump unit:
Available options – 4 Stroke gasoline motors and low-pressure centrifugal pumps.

Components included:
Control panel – control panel with LED light switch, pressure gauge, time counter and skid unit emergency stop
Winder – Made of anti-corrosive material with a manual starting crank and lock system
Suction sleeve – clear flexible PVC spiral absorption oversleeve with rigid PVC spiral and smooth inner surface

Wildland fires – Recommended use
Container and vehicle fires – Recommended use
Cleaning and unclogging – Not recommended


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