Technical specifications:

  • Telescopic structure – Quick fix support system that bears loads of up to 3000 litre of water
  • Hose pack – Can carry 3-4 hose carrying backpacks for a total of 240-320 meters of hose
  • 3000 l canvas tank – Fold down canvas and detachable structure for transportation
  • Motor pump – 4 strokes to choose from (13-18-23 HP) // 4 phase-pump
  • Fuel tank – 12 litre
  • Hoisting points – 4 points for helicopter transportation
  • People needed for assembly – a minimum of 2 people recommended
  • Weight – 350 kg without water | 3350 kg of water full tank
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A compact and versatile skid unit for light vehicles designed for easier direct attack operations with a water line in remote areas. A device that can be moved on the ground or in the air, it has 6 times more water capacity than a traditional skid unit and a high-performance motor pump.

Quick and easy to assemble
A completely operational system in less than 5 minutes.

Optimized loading time
The Heliskid tank is unique in that it can be supplied using aerial resources, thereby considerably reducing the time needed by standard trucks which use other trucks to load their water tanks.

Water available in difficult-to-access places
Can be helitransported to remote access areas where trucks and pickups can’t go to have a tank in a strategic point for extinghuising work.



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