Polyethylene Skid unit with Centrifugal pump

Water tank Features:

  • Made of seamless polyethylene via rotational molding
  • 400 l holding capacity
  • 1.5″ filling spout on the top with couplings
  • 1 Configurable 1.5″ high vent on the top
  • 1 Threaded inspection cover with a useful diameter of 200 mm to inspect the tank
  • A water level indicator over connecting ducts
  • A 1″ drain to empty the tank
  • Pump return connection to fill the tank by suctioning water from a non-pressurized external water source
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Rapid intervention skid units designed for pickup vehicles and trailers, equipped with centrifugal pumps up to 6.9 bar with a maximum flow of up to 260 l/min. Optional tool kit

Water tank:
Polyethylene tanks make the entire skid unit lighter. Designed to concentrate the skid unit load in the area closest to the vehicle cabin, avoiding wheel arches on pickup vehicles and optimizing the available space.

Wildland fires – Recommended use
Container and vehicle fires – Recommended use
Cleaning and unclogging – Not recommended


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