Self-Protection Nozzle


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Stainless steel filter PN40 type “Y”
  • Jet (nozzle): diameter of 25 mm
  • High pressure Cycloid-shaped shield (up to 35 Bar)
  • 5 Year warranty


New developed model of low consumption and high pressure, with hydraulic optimization. This new model’s water drops are lightweight and their diameter is smaller in order to reach greater heat absorption.

When the water passes through the coupling and the stainless steel cylinder, it hits against the frontal cycloid-shaped shield, so that the small slot between the cylinder and the shield allows the stream to pour out, creating a protective shield of water.

The volume of water poured out and the formation of the shade of water depend directly on the water pressure, in this case, as we are working with a high-pressure and low consumption nozzle, the optimal working pressure is between 20 and 22 bar with the consumption of 120 l/min.


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