Marcé Standard SCBA


  • Full Face Mask
  • Demand Valve
  • Pressure Indicators
  • Buddy Breathing System
  • Double Quick Connector
  • Carbon Composite Cylinder
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SCBA is composed of a carbon-composite cylinder, cylinder valve, reducer, medium-pressure tube, quick connect, demand valve, full face mask, high-pressure tube, low pressure warning whistle, pressure gauge & backplate and buddy breathing system.
SCBA Face Mask
Polycarbonate visor – scratch and abrasion resistant, anti-fogging and distortion-free lens with exceptional view. With a wide field of vision > 91%.
Demand valve
Valve has an emergency air purge valve, donning switch and automatic demand sensor for maximum air usage. 360 degrees quick joint.
Mask Respirator Reducer
Balanced pressure reducing design keeps the Medium Pressure system at 7.5 bars, the output flow rate is > 1000 l/min. Safety valve automatically operates when the reducer fails. Safety valve can keep the output pressure from 9.9 bars to 15bars.
Alarming Device & Pressure Gauge
To show the air pressure in the cylinder. The range is 0-400 bars. The low pressure warning whistle is a Pressure alarm. The sound is ≥90dB.
Buddy Breathing System
Compatible with any manufactured SCBA double quick connector.


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