Marcé SAR Trolley


  • Cylinders: 2/ 4
  • Material: Steel / Carbon fiber Cylinder
  • Volume: 6.8L (per cylinder)
  • Related working pressure: 300 bar
  • Related Service Time: 120 min on 2 cylinders or 240 min on 4 cylinders
  • Reducer:
    Input Pressure: <300 bar
    Output Pressure: 7.5 bar
    Maximum Output Flow: >1000 l/min
  • Safety Valve
    Opening Pressure: 9.9 bar – 15 bar
  • Alarm
    Alarming pressure: 55 ± 5 bar
    Alarming Volume: 90 db
  • Demand valve
    Inhalation Resistance: <5 bar
    Exhalation Resistance: <10 bar
  • MP Tube
    Length: 50m – 90m
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The Supply Air Respirator is a complete set of self-contained positive pressure air trolley breathing apparatus. The Supply Air Respirator is especially suitable for use in confined spaces and situations where longer duration of work is required.

The Supply Air Respirator comes in 2 different models with either 2 or 4 cylinders.


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