SC1 Reusable Splash Suit


  • Hood with integral neoprene face seal that is both shaped and flexible and provides a tight seal around the face mask, to prevent liquid penetration
  • Rear horizontal 91cm zip across the shoulders of the garment with zip flaps secured by a hook and loop fastener to prevent liquid ingress
  • Double layer of material at the rear to prevent wear caused by the breathing apparatus rubbing against the suit
  • Safety gloves compatible with the material of the suit, fitted with a liquid-tight locking cuff
  • Optional reinforcement on knees and/or elbows
  • Elasticated inner legs with stirrups with elasticated outer legs
  • Designed to be worn with
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The Respirex SC1 is a reusable Type 3 splash contamination suit designed for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) worn externally.

The Reusable SC1 is designed to be laundered in commercial washing machines , ensuring a lower overall lifetime cost of ownership than the equivalent number of single use garments.


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