Drum Repair Kit Series D

This repair kit contains:

  • Hose tape
  • Sheet metal screws with neoprene compression seals for pinhole size punctures, rubber patches, lead wool and epoxy for cracks
  • T bolt patches with neoprene pads
  • Plugs
  • Ball plugs
  • Felt-covered wooden plugs for gashes
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Covers pin, convex, concave and flat surface holes of all shapes. Covers cracks, hairline cracks and more!
Our drum repair kit; a smaller kit that contains components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of containers which allow liquid or bulk hazardous material to leak.

The kit contains either the steel or non-sparking tool pack and drift pin.
This kit is designed for use only by experienced and trained personnel only for temporary control until the container can be disposed of property. Proper protective clothing must be worn.


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