Polytector III G999C


  • Triple warning signal – Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm
  • Radio module (Optional) – Real-time data and alarm transmission with 868 MHz or 915 MHz
  • Man-Down alarm – 2 local warning levels plus notification of the supervisor or the control center
  • Strong battery – High battery capacity for pump operation and longer operating times in normal conditions
  • Large sensor selection – Five slots for rugged, accurate and durable sensors
  • Integrated pump – The pump can be used as required. Transmit around 0.5 to 0.6 liters of gas per minute
  • Intuitive operation – One click for important displays, convenient menu navigation with 3 buttons


The Polytector III G999C combines the requirements of a modern multi-gas detector for use in personal protection with the ability to clear confined spaces, shafts and vessels by means of an integrated pump. The robust and handy multi-gas detector is equipped with a catalytic combustion sensor for flammable gases, an infrared sensor for CO2 and 3 electrochemical sensors for toxic gases as well as oxygen. In this configuration, the G999C is versatile in use and suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Polytector III G999C is the best choice for personal protection against a wide range of gas dangers as well as clearing confined spaces before entering. The multi-gas detector is equipped with 5 sensors for the detection of up to 7 conbustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Clearance measurement is done with the integrated pump.

Safety and operation
The Polytector III G999C is certified for use up to Ex zone 1 and protected against the ingress of water and dust according to protection class IP67, making the multi-gas detector suitable for challenging applications. The housing made of rubberized polycarbonate offers excellent protection against shocks and vibrations. Its effective design and the robust crocodile clip ensure high wearing comfort.

The integrated NiMH battery will work for up to 130 hours, depending on the operating mode and sensor configuration. The pump can sample around 0.6 liters per minute from a distance of up to 100 meters.


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