BX616 Multi Gas Detector


  • Small size and light-weight
  • Simple operation with only 1 button
  • Adjustable alarm levels and span calibration value
  • STEL & TWA alarm for toxic gases
  • Self protection for combustible gas sensor against high concentration
  • Battery low voltage alert
  • Confidence beep
  • Self-test after power on
  • Self-diagnostic and self-correction function
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BX616 is a united gas detector measuring four (4) major gases, which result the most of the industrial accidents, to protect the disasters caused by the O2 deficiency, toxic gas poisoning and combustible gas explosion. It measures continuously four gases O2, CO, H2S and combustible gas (CH4), and displays their concentrations. Once the risk occurs, it also raises the alarm (visual, audible and vibrative)


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