LDK Rescue Knife


  • Titanium 75mm twin-edged blade
  • 3mm Chisel point safety blade
  • Protective hard plastic sheath
  • “Push Button” quick release catch
  • Handle with rear anchor point
  • Quick locate knife handle insert
  • Variable width attachment system
  • Bracket to attach 50mm webbing
  • 170mm Knife length
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Essential safety equipment for specialist rescue team use, sailing, scuba diving and many other watersports.

This ultra lightweight and compact PFD/BCD titanium dive knife set features an ultra sharp, 75mm, titanium, twin edged, chisel point knife blade (for additional safety, when stowing the knife in its sheath).

The twin edged 70mm titanium blade features a serrated edge, a sharp edge and a handy line cutter.

Unlike other small PFD/BCD dive knives, for reliability, the titanium blade on our LDK Rescue Knife is manufactured from ultra sharp, high spec, 3mm titanium.

Supplied complete with a compact ‘hard’ knife sheath case, featuring a unique ‘push button’ (quick release) thumb catch and incorporating a rear ‘variable width’ attachment system. Also includes an eye-hole anchor point at the base of the knife sheath and an extra attachment bracket, for attaching on up to 50mm nylon webbing.

The unique ‘variable width’ attachment system, allows this knife sheath to be attached to a twin webbing PFD/BCD pocket system, using twin nylon webbing strips up to a maximum width of 24mm (each) and adjustable from 95mm to 135mm apart (centre to centre).

This knife has an ergonomic ‘comfort’ knife handle, with an ultra high-vis scuba yellow insert, for easy and quick locating in poor visibility and a rear eye-hole anchor point, for attaching a bungee or similar style security device.


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