Rescue Wading Poles


  • Length: 1.7m
  • Top T-bar handle
  • Lower hand grip 300mm
  • Construction: fibre glass tubing, which makes this pole non-conductive
  • Non-slip machined black nylon stopper
  • Depth markers can be added in reflective, color or white
  • Weighs 600g


Our rescue wading poles are compact, robust and lightweight. An essential depth and stability aid for wading through deep waters and unknown terrain our rescue wading poles are a must for any flood team.

The Rescue Wading Pole is one of the most popular essentials in search and rescue efforts in situations in and around water.

Designed in a highly visible orange and floats to ensure you pole does not get lost!

Considering the frequency of flooding around the world over recent times we believe Rescue Teams and Services around the world should always have a Wading Pole at their side when wading through unknown terrain and deep waters


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