Auto X-Strut Light-Duty Lifting Strut

Features :

  • Swivel CRG End Fitting – comes standard with Swivel CRG head
  • Quick Release Head fittings – change head fittings in an instant with the pull of a single retaining pin
  • Twist-free inner tubing – features a positive stop for the inner tubing, keeping the tube from rotating under lighter loads
  • Aluminum construction – features a unique combination of a welded square chassis with a machined round inner tube


The Auto X-Strut brings pin-free stabilization and lifting to light vehicle rescue! This light, fast and ultra-portable strut combines the pin-free operation of our premium Super X-Strut with our Aluminum X-style square chassis, in a compact package for light-duty rescue.

Strut weight includes Swivel CRG Head Fitting, Base Plate, Ratchet Strap and all hardware. Add-On Jack weight: 15 lbs.


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