Super X-Strut

Features :

  • Swivel CRG End Fitting – comes standard with Swivel CRG head
  • Quick Release end fittings – change end fittings in an instant with the pull of a single retaining pin
  • Pin-free Operation – the threaded tube design eliminates the need for pins
  • Aluminum construction – milled from solid 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength when shoring


The Super X-Strut is our premium stabilization and lifting strut and is capable of stabilizing and lifting large vehicles as well as structural collapse and mine rescue. The Super X-Strut is milled from solid aluminum and features threaded collars instead of our standard pins, making it our strongest and fastest-deploying strut. These struts are available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of situations. Ask about solid inner tubing for even more stabilization power.

Strut weight includes Hollow Inner Tubing, Swivel CRG Head Fitting, Extrication Base Plate, and all hardware. One Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks is included with each strut. Add-On Jack weight: 25 lbs. WLL tested with hollow inner tubing and extrication end fittings at 6′ extension


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