2 Layer Wildland Firefighting Suit

Jacket features:

  • 4 Front pockets with an oversized flap for easier opening with gloves
  • Front left top pocket adapted for portable radios
  • Velcro for identification on the chest
  • Attachment ring for radio holster at shoulder height
  • Radio carrying pocket
  • Adjustable wrists with outer Velcro
  • Raised neck at the back for nape protection
  • Adjustable neck-covering flap with Velcro
  • Central safety quick open zipper and easy open system
  • High visibilty reflective straps on the front, arms and back
  • Double layer in front

Pants features:

  • 6 Pockets total
  • 40 mm Wide cut in double fabric
  • 6 Straps for wide belt
  • Front button and zipper close
  • Velcro hem adjustment
  • High visibility double reflective strip on both legs below the knee
  • Double layer in front
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EN ISO 15614:2007 / 2 Layer

Fire-retardant wildland firefighting suit (pants and jacket) made with two layers in the front, for a high protection in direct attack and against friction, and a single layer in the back for an optimal breathability.

Thermal insulation
Made of 65% Lenzing F.R., 30% Nomex, 5% Kevlar for perfect insulation against radiation and high tempratures. High neck with overlap and fire-retardant Velcro close for proper neck and nape protection. Central closure with a fire-retardant open-end zipper. Made of highly-resistant Nomex.

Seams resistant to friction and wear inherent to a wildland setting. Adjustable wrists with fire-retardant Velcro. Four front pockets with pull-straps to be easily opened when wearing gloves, one adapted for portable radios. Velcro for identification on the chest. Attachment ring for radio holster at shoulder height.



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