Xtreme Kit

What is included:

  • Xtreme Pack
  • Xtreme Shelter XS17
  • Xtreme-K
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The Xtreme Kit is a set of 3 products designed as just one to create a kit offering wildland firefighters complete self-protection in the event of entrapment.

To improve efficiency. A versatile backpack capable of adapting to the unique characteristics of each type of ground and each user.
To increase safety.
To protect the skin and respiratory tract in the event of entrapment.

What is included?

  • Xtreme pack
    The Xtreme pack features an ergonomic and breathable harness which distributes the weight of the different elements in an optimal manner over the firefighter’s torso. The design offers complete freedom of movement for agile work using manual tools. The belt has an integrated 2.8 litre hydration system and features the Molle System which helps arrange the accessories each user needs
  • Xtreme Shelter XS17
    A fireproof shelter for entrapment situations during wildland fires with a multi-layer composition and a high level of insulation to radiation, convection and contact. A design based on use in a fetal position to increase the protection for the vital organs and reduce the volume and weight of the equipment during transport.
  • Xtreme-K
    Xtreme-K is a closed-circuit disposable limited Chemical Oxygen generator for respiratory tract protection in emergencies or entrapment situations. This survival device offers no less than 30 minutes of autonomy. Requires no maintenance and is highly resistant to high tempratures.


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