Technical specifications:

  • Total load (carrying bag included) : 1500 ± 50 gr.
  • Inhaled air temprature : <50°
  • Dimensions with carrying bag : 202 x 190 x 134 mm
  • Lifetime : 5 years transported | 10 years stored
  • Materials and packaging : vacuum packed in an aluminized bag
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The Xtreme-K is a chemical oxygen generator respiratory device, with a closed circuit and limited to a single use, conceived for the protection of the respiratory tract in case of emergency or wildfire entrapment. A survival device with an autonomy of not less than 30 minutes.

Ergonomic design and comfortable materials
Ergonomic system adjustable to the neck and waist, with stainless steel buckles.

High tempratures resistant

EN 13794:2002 – Repiratory protection equipment. Self contained closed circuit breathing apparatus for escape. Requirements, testing, marking.

Use situations
Wildfire entrapment self-protection maneuver
High concentrations of Carbon Monoxide
Presence of gases and vapors, organic, inorganic, acids, amines, formaldehyde, mercury vapor and others
Fumes, mists, harmful and toxic particles, viruses, bacteria, enzymes, hormones, proteins, nanomaterials and others
Possible hypoxia, anoxia, or respiratory tract burns


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