vft3 Helmet

Shell Features:

  • Made of PC/PBT
  • The color is integrated with the injection of the material, no added paint
  • Available colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Grey, Black, White, Blue, and Green
  • Reflective strip colors: Yellow
  • Customizable
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The vft3 Helmet was designed to meet the needs of units that intervene in wildland fires and rescue operations. Made with high-quality materials, it offers a high level of protection with a wrap-around design produced in a single PC/ABS part without added paint and a protective visor for more protection against liquids from aearial discharges with flame retardant.

Greater protection and resistance
A wrap design for better protection from side, front and rear impacts manufactured with one sole PC/ABS part, without any added paint.

More comfortable and breathable
Completely size adjustable with an adjustment wheel. The breathable and fireproof cushioned leather pads form a totally ergnomic and comfortable harness.

A large variety of colors available, reflective strips with marking and the possibility of adding a shield.

Inner harness with 6 anchoring points to the shell. A multi-size system with an adjustment wheel in the back for adaptation to any head.

Chin Strap
Made of fire-retardant fabric and leather.
3-Point anchoring to the shell


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