VF63AS-R Portable Pump


  • Engine: 526 ml Tohatsu 4 stroke, 22 kW
  • Pump: 1200 l/Min @ 6 bar, 950 l/Min @ 7 bar
  • Primer: Auto priming
  • Weight: Dry 103 kg / Wet 112 kg


Example of use in automatic relay operation (No operator is required at the relay pump). The relay pumping line with VF63AS-R can be extended endlessly. When the water hits the VF63AS-R, engine and pump function are automatically started which means that no one need to be on and operate the pump pressure. When the water from master pump stops, the VF63AS-R is also stopped automatically. It is fully-automatically controlled and providing new solution for forest/wild land fire and long distance water transfer action.


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