Vallfirest ASTREA Filter


  • CO Filtration : 98%
  • NOx Filtration : 98%
  • Formaldehyde Filtration : Between 20 – 100 ppm
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Protection from carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, NOx and all types of particles, solids, aqueous or oil-based liquids, fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Heat, humidity, radiation, incandescent particles, micoparticles, nanoparticles, smoke, fog, aqueos dispersion, viruses, bacteria, enzymes, proteins, etc. in the presence of organic and inorganic, gasses and vapors, acids, amines, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, these are just some of the risks in wildland fires.

The ASTREA catalyzing, CO, Formaldehyde and NOx filter based on a patented catalyzer with precious metal content and an additional P3R filter for all types of particles.

The VFT CO-Formaldehyde-P3R filter is lightweight and easy to use. It can be connected to the Vallfirest Xtreme-Mask for 360° protection during use in Wildland Fires.


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