RR3 Water Rescue Sled


  • Overall length: 300cm
  • Overall width: 113cm
  • Internal width: 73cm
  • Sponson/pontoon diameter: 20cm
  • Floor Materials: DWF
  • Floor thickness: 10cm
  • Inflatable only weight: 22kg
  • Gross weight: 27.5kg
  • Canton/packing dimensions: 110 x 50 x 32cm
  • Chambers: 2+1
  • Max inlet fill (sponsons): 0.35bar/5psi
  • Max inlet fill (floor): 0.7bar/10psi
  • 316 stainless steel D-rings: 4S+7M
  • Handles: 6 + 4
  • Max loading: 650kg
  • Max persons: 4 + 1


The compact, stable RR3 rescue sled is an effective craft across multiple applications. It can be employed as a vehicle to reach the point of rescue and be paddled or towed by the operative. It can equally be towed by motorised water craft, for example a small boat or jet ski.

Deck space is generous, with a ten centimetre thick double-walled floor and two wide sponsons either side, which provides a safe area for the casualty. The stern is open to aid swift recovery.

Remote bodies of water, flooded areas, lakes and swift water such as rivers are all within the sled’s capability. The absence of any draught in the water enables the sled to reach shallow areas with ease.

Owing to the RR3’s lightweight, portable design, Reaching remote areas when carrying the sled is simple. Ten handles are fitted to the craft, as well as eleven D-rings


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