Rescue Air Cushions

Safety and Operational features:
• Pressure relief valves on cushions and control valve
• Interior reinforcing maintains flat lift surfaces for direction of lift force
• Quick connect couplings with locking ring
• Positioning handles
• Each cushion is factory tested at 1.3 times operating pressure

• Lifting heights from 43-102 cm
• Greater stability due to size of the contact area
• Lighter loads have predictable lift results
• Full lift capacity over full lifting height
• Soft footprint allows placement on soft & uneven terrain

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Rescue Air Cushions are available in 4 sizes for maximum versatility and a wide range of applications.

Typical Applications Include:
• Major vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, buses)
• Light aircraft recovery
• Filling voids created in trench collapse
• Small vehicle turnovers
• Downed or trapped animals
• Flotation device
• Industrial lifting applications

A soft footprint allows placement on soft and uneven terrain, with a contact area exceeding lifting height. Constructed with a highly durable contact area, Rescue Air Cushions have Neoprene coated exterior and interior reinforcement belts. compressed air storage cylinders, air brake systems and portable blowers.

Ease of operation:

Air Cushion inflation can be made from a variety of compressed air sources:
• Industrial compressed air
• Compressed air storage cylinders
• Air brake systems
• Portable blowers


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