Res-Q-Jack Greenlite X-Strut Series Lifting Struts


    • Swivel CRG end fittings
    • Ergonomic cone pins
    • Rugged steel construction
    • X-Strut lifting power
    • Built-in ratchet strap
    • Strut-mounted D-ring
    • Base mounted D-rings


Swivel CRG End Fitting

The GreenLite™ X-Strut comes standard with our Swivel CRG head fitting which gives you a variety of purchase point options and rotates 360° to easily find any purchase point.

Ergonomic Cone Pins

Our exclusive cone pin design features a flared end, making these pins easy to grip and hard to lose on scene. The flared end also helps automatically line up the available Add-On Jack for fast and easy attachment.

Rugged Steel construction

The GreenLite X-Strut is built from durable steel for 2,500 lbs. of strength, then powder coated for years of durability.

X-Strut Lifting power

The GreenLite™ X-Strut  transforms from a shoring strut to a lifting strut in seconds with our removable mechanical Add-On Jack, giving you 2,500 lbs. of lifting capacity with 12 inches of travel. Need to lift more than a foot?  Just remove the Add-On Jack and reset for 12 more inches of lift.

Built-in Ratchet strap

The GreenLite™ X-Strut includes a ratchet strap (not available on short strut) with wire hooks mounted on the side of the strut chassis, keeping your strap right where you want it for faster response.

Strut mounted D-ring

Includes an added D-Ring mounted directly to the strut chassis (not available on short strut) for added versatility in attaching straps and hooks.

Base mounted D-rings

Pivoting rings built into the base plate allow for fast attachment of straps, hooks and chains, or double as a picket receiver when anchoring is needed.

Safety factor 2:1