Specifications :

  • Weight : 295 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 567, CE EN 12278, CE EN 12841 type B, UKCA, NFPA 2500 Technical Use Pulley and Rope grab
  • Materials : Aluminum, Stainless steel, nylon
  • Min. rope diameter : 8 mm
  • Max. rope diameter : 13 mm
  • Sheave type : Sealed ball bearings
  • Sheave diameter : 38 mm
  • Breaking strength – pulley : 11.5 kN x 2 = 23 kN
  • Breaking strength – rope clamp : 4 kN
  • Efficiency : 95 %


Very high-efficiency, drop-resistant progress-capture pulley with swivel

Possible to open, even when attached to the anchor, the PRO TRAXION progress-capture pulley is designed for setting up haul systems. With a large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings and excellent efficiency, it is particularly suitable for hauling heavy loads. The swivel makes it easier to operate, allowing the pulley to be oriented under load and for direct connection of carabiners, ropes, or slings.


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