Pneumatic Trench Shoring Struts

Features :

  • Hollow inner tubing – designed to be fast and easy-to-deploy
  • Patented Locking pin – creates a positive stop, eliminating the risk of over extension and keeping the inner tube from falling out
  • Pneumatic activation – hydrostatically tested up to 800 PSI for use with compressed air systems
  • Ambidextrous end fittings – use extensions on either end for up to 4 extra feet in length (max 2 extensions)
  • Available sizes :
    • 22″ – 26″
    • 32″ – 46″
    • 42″ – 64″


The new Super X Trench Shoring System excels in any trench rescue scenario. Machined from high grade aluminum and featuring the same functionality as our Super X-Strut line, the Trench Shoring System will meet all your needs. These struts are available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of situations, and each is compatible with our Super X-Strut components, as well as competitor components.

Available in three lengths to ensure you have the right length for the job. All lengths include TWO Swivel End Plate end fittings


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