PMI® Rescue Cache Pro


  • 1 Bag with backpack straps
  • 2 x 1m Supermantles
  • 1 SMC Flex
  • 2 x 6m of 2.5cm Tubular webbing
  • 2 x 1.8m PMI Anchor Slings
  • 1 Large PMI Rope Pad
  • 5 SMC 5cm PMP Single Pulleys
  • 2 Radium release hitch kits
  • 16 SMC FP Lite allow carabiners
  • 5 x 50cm Sewn Prusik Cord loops
  • 1 x 66cm Sewn Prusik Cord loop
  • 1 SMC NFPA Straight eye rack assembly
  • 1 SMC NFPA Rigging plate
  • 1 SMC Oval carabiner
  • 5 SMC Swivels
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PMIROPE.COM 1-800-282-ROPETPigeon Mountain Industries, Inc. | PO Box 803, LaFayette, GA 30278 | Fax: 706-764-1531 | Email: custserv@pmirope.comSOLUTIONS AND KITSSOLUTIONSThe PMI Rescue Cache Pro saves the professional rope rescuer the hassle of assembling components for a basic high angle rope rescue system. Featuring the SMC NFPA Brake Rack for the lowering component, this kit is packed into a custom bag for both easier storage and quick deployment. Rope not included


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