GTR Regular Robustness Gas-Tight Suit


  • Encapsulating design for SCBA worn inside the suit
  • Gas-tight zip running from side of head to lower thigh
  • Protection against liquid and gaseous chemicals (Type 1), infective agents and chemical warfare agents
  • Inward tested to EN 1073-2-2002, Class 3 with NPF > 9090
  • Gas-tight locking cuff system for changing gloves
  • Dual glove system consisting of a Kemblok­­­™ chemical barrier inner glove bonded to an outer neoprene glove for mechanical protection
  • Two exhalation valves maintain a comfortable working pressure inside the suit
  • Large chemically resistant flexible visor to wide field of view
  • Bat-wing sleeves allow wearer to remove their hand from the glove to check gauges and other equipment inside the suit
  • Adjustable internal support belt
  • Choice of fixed or detachable chemical safety boots or sock feet
  • Internal pressure test to ISO 17491-1-2012
  • Five year maintenance free shelf-life, maximum shelf-life of 10 years
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This fully encapsulating Type 1A – ET limited life gas-tight suit is designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic or corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.

The suit is manufactured from DuPoint Tychem® TKa high performance, multilayer, nonwoven, chemical barrier fabric that is also light in weight.


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