GLS 300A Suit


  • Large laminated chemically protective anti-mist visor giving clear undistorted vision
  • KCL Butoject chemically protective anti-static glove permanently attached to the suit material
  • Twin exhalation valves to side of hood to ensure that the suit maintains a comfortable working pressure
  • Lightweight gas-tight zip fitted to rear of suit, closing at the top and covered with a double stom flap with hook and loop fastener
  • Integral sock feet with outer splash guard legs
  • Must be worn with ESD footwear to ensure a conductive path to ground when used in explosive atmospheres
  • Five year shelf life
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The single-use GLS 300A suit in Chemprotex™ 300 is a fully encapsulating gas-tight chemical protection suit covering both the wearer and the breathing apparatus. The suit combines the benefits of a lightweight high-performance chemical barrier fabric with a gas-tight construction to method 2 of ISO 17491-1. It incorporates permanently attached antistatic chemical gloves, sock feet and a lightweight gas- tight zip.


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