Gas-Tight Training Suit


  • Encapsulating design for SCBA worn inside the suit
  • Gas-tight zip running from side of head to lower thigh, covered by zip flap with hook and loop fastener
  • Gas-tight locking cuff system for chaning gloves
  • Dual glove system consisting of Kemblok­™ chemical barrier inner glove bonded to an outer neoprene glove for mechanical protection
  • Two exhalation valves maintain a comfortable working pressure inside the suit
  • Large flexible visor for wide field of view
  • Bat-wing sleeves allow wearer to remove their hand from the glove to check gauages and other equipment inside the suit
  • Adjustable internal support belt
  • Choice of fixed or detachable chemical safety boots or sock feet
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A training version of the Respirex fully encapsulating Type 1A-ET regular robustness gas-tight suits. The suit is manufactred in green PVC and clearly marked training suit to avoid confusion in an emergency.

Training suits reproduce the features of the operational suit and are designed for multiple re-use with no testing required.


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