Flexible Backpack Fire Pump

Technical specifications:

  • Jet range : ± 12 m
  • Spray reach : 3 m
  • Backpack dimensions : 645 x 485 mm
  • Nozzle dimensions : 1060 mm (max), 660 mm (min)
  • Weight empty : 950 g
  • Weight nozzle : 800 g
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Used by extinguishing crews, both for direct attacks on fire, and for tasks of auctioning or opening defense lines by adding retarding additives to the water. Refillable from hose lines. Essential for the supply of airborne material to hard-to-reach areas. It occupies 20% of the space of a rigid fire extinguisher backpack.

The flexible tank whose capacity is 19 liters, is of PVC / polyester with straps for fastening to the back and waist.
100 mm Loading nozzle for easy filling.


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