• Available in 5 colors and IRR
  • Output 8 lumens
  • 60 meters depth rating
  • Visible distance: up to 3km
  • Push button operation
  • Can be repeatedly used with on/off switch
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Material: RoHS Compliant Polyurethane
  • Constant and flashing modes
  • Mode 1: Flashing, burn time 36 hours
  • Mode 2: Constant, burn time 20 hours


Our Northern Diver Flexi-Lights were originally developed for special forces as an alternative to chemical light sticks. Our customers found that you can’t switch off chemical light sticks which is problem in certain operations. Not only could this have detrimental security consequences, it also has environmental impact and cost implications. The answer was for us to develop a switchable lightstick.

However, we wanted to further the usage options so we developed their double sealed construction enabling them to have 60m water depth rating. This ensures our light stick is not restricted to land and can be used underwater. With an output of 8 lumens, our Flexi-lights are visible up to 3km distance away.

Their RoHS compliant polyurethane double sealed construction means that the battery is non-replaceable to ensure they remain waterproof


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