Cobra MAX


  • Thermoformed cowling with integrated LED panels
  • Integrated WiFi communication system that allows for configuration and diagnostics via a WiFi capable device
  • Rated for 6000 l/min
  • 350° Horizontal travel range
  • 135° Vertical travel range
  • Manual override for both horizontal and vertical motors in case of power failure


Max out your Cobra™ EXM2 CobraMax™, all the power and performance of the Cobra EXM2 with a combination cowling and lighting kit. The thermoformed cowling covers your Cobra EXM2, adding a sleek look and a layer of protection for much of the exposed wiring. The light module is a stunning addition that allows you to customize your monitor with your own backlit graphics on each side. CobraMax: maximum performance, maximum customization.

The CobraMax™ Cowling
The CobraMax thermoformed cowling comes in a choice of matte black, gloss black, gloss red, or gloss gray.

The CobraMax Lighting Modules
The backlight module displays the CobraMax logo while the side light modules display the Elkhart Brass Heart logo. Custom etched side lenses can be ordered to allow you to personalize the side light modules with your own logo, department emblem, station number, or other design. The lighting modules can be user-set to a range of colors including white, yellow, green, blue, and red.

The CobraMax Kit
This kit is compatible with any combination of Cobra monitor that has the CobraMax-ready mounting bosses. Compatible combinations include both 7200 and 7250 designations, both SD or HD motor options. Nut or Handwheel Overrides, any currently available base option, and both NHT or BSPP discharge thread options.


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