Black Hawk BH1-4H Pump


  • Extremely light and resistant and compact
  • Made of lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Integrated fuel tank
  • Detachable and foam compatible pump
  • Flat black polythylene base with anti-vibration elements
  • Built-in clutch for easy starting that allows to stop the discharge of water without stopping the engine
  • Ergonomic carry handle mounted on the top for a comfortable transport
  • Available with or without hand primer built into the base
  • Optional transport backpack


The BH1-4H is a portable, light, robust and versatile fire pump. It is designed for rapid intervention in wildland fires. Equipped with a VFT_1SP4 1-stage centrifugal pump and a 2.5 HP * Honda GXH50 4-stroke engine, it offers an excellent performance of 6.9 bar maximum pressure and a maximum flow of 260 l / min, with which any emergency self-protection and firefighting situation can be faced.


Technical Specifications:

Engine : Honda GXH50
Centrifugal Pump : VFT 1-stage
Fuel Tank : 0.77 litre
Weight : 9.5 kg (dry)
Maximum Pressure : 6.9 bar
Maximum Flow : 260 l/min


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