Automatic Test Box


  • Simple to operate with minimal training required
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Cannot damage the suit by over inflation
  • Avoids spillage of liquid used by “manometer” style test rigs
  • Single connection to the suit
  • CE marked
  • Supplied with a suitable region specific power adapter
  • Compliant with the European low voltage and EMC directives
  • Data collection available via USB
  • Optional air pump available
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A computer controlled testing unit that automatically inflates a suit from a compressed air supply (max 3.5 bar) and performs a pressure test giving a graphical display with a clear pass or fail indication.

The test cycle can be carried out by the equipment without an operator being present and with the display frozen the operator can return at any time to check on the status of the suit.

Designed specifically for determining the leak tightness of gas-tight chemical protection suits (internal pressure test) to the European standard EN464:1994 as required by clause 6.3 of EN943-1:2002


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