• Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Field of view: 57 ° x 42°
  • Durability: IP67 waterproof, 2 meter drop
  • Detection: -20°C to 550°C
  • Imaging: Mixed Gain with SV1
  • Flashlight: 300 Lumen LED
  • Battery: over 6 hours of continuous thermal imaging
  • Simple operation: one button thermal operation


Designed with firefighters for firefighters, the AttackPRO™ thermal imaging camera offers an unmatched combination of image quality, durability, and price. With its high resolution and wide field of view, AttackPRO is the new decision-making weapon of choice for captains and commanding officers. Mixed-gain pixel technology eliminates the visual confusion and delay of  switching between high-gain and low-gain modes. AttackPRO lets you clearly see the fire and the crew, all in one detailed image.


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