Alaska Fire Swatter

Technical specifications:

  • Weight : 1.78 kg
  • Rigid handle material : Aluminum
  • Flexible handle material : Pom Delrin C – Polyoxmethylene (Copolymer)
  • Flapper composition : Tear resistant multilayer cotton and self-extinguishing synthetic rubber
  • Flap work surface : 30 x 21 cm
  • Length when folded : 92 cm
  • Length when extended : 2 m
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This all-new fire swatter concept exceeds today’s limitations giving priority to ergonomics and efficiency. The Flapper is designed so that parts can rotate to adapt better to the ground and penetrate more into the bush.

More efficiency, less physical wear
The innovative design makes physical work more efficient. How? The flexible handle causes a whip effect for greater flapper speed with less effort, thereby increasing performance and user comfort. Greater operability due to the adjustable 45° attack angle.

A telescopic handle that is adaptable to any situation and user
A telescopic handle with an adaptable length for use and transport at different heights. That arm that joins the handle to the flapper is made of Pom Delrin C – Polyoxmethylene (Copolymer) is flexible to accumulate more power for the subsequent impact, helps reduce the effort of the movement. Plus, the flexibility absorbs the impact to prevent overloading on the user’s hands and arms.


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