Adjustable Dome Clamp

Specifications :

  • Frame extends to easily latch over MC 306 and DOT 406 style equipment
  • Aluminum frame with steel hardware
  • PVC vinyl cushioned lever grip
  • Offset pressure plate designed to optimize placement in relation to leak location
  • Dimensions : 16.5″ x 11″ x 3″
  • Weight : 2.7 kg
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Fire departments, environmental contractors, HazMat teams, and trucking companies use Adjustable Dome Clamps to secure dome lids on MC 306 and DOT 406 tanker trucks in an emergency situation. A DQE exclusive, this dome clamp is unlike any other clamp in that its patented design is fully adjustable, yet fast to install.

The dome hatch is the largest opening in a compartment and most likely to leak in a gasoline tanker rollover. A dome clamp applies pressure to the lid to make a better seal, since the rubber gaskets on dome lids can be worn or brittle. To prevent further release of the product from the tanker truck spill, simply spread the clamp legs to latch over the ring lip and then press the quick lockdown clamp lever to quickly secure the pressure plate. The unique offset pressure bolt allows responders to precisely position the driving force over the dome lid. The pressure bolt may be turned out to further adjust the pressure level.


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