10m Rescue Tubes


  • Lightweight
  • High visibility
  • Stainless steel 316 marine grade D-rings, located every 2 meters along the tube
  • Packs down into the supplied rucksack


The Inflatable Rescue Tube is a first response solution for water rescue and invaluable in situations where the casualty is conscious and able to assist.

The system can be deployed in numerous ways during a rescue operation, depending on the prevailing conditions.

On flowing water, the inflated Tube can be positioned at an angle across the flow to provide a buoyant lifeline for waterborne casualties. The angled Hose aids water rescue by allowing a safe, controlled route to safety.

The Hose can be directed from a safe land position towards a conscious casualty.

The Hose wraps around the casualty and secures. It can then be pulled back to land with the casualty.

The Hose is easy to carry into remote locations i.e. mountain tarns and gorges


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