RR4 Water Rescue Sled


  • Overall length: 360cm
  • Overall width: 116cm
  • Internal width: 70cm
  • Sponson/pontoon diameter: 23cm
  • Floor materials: DWF
  • Floor thickness: 15cm
  • Inflatable only weight: 31kg
  • Gross weight: 36kg
  • Carton/packing dimensions: 110 x 60 x 35cm
  • Chambers: 2+1
  • Max inlet fill (sponsons): 0.35bar/5psi
  • Max inlet fill (floor): 0.7bar/10psi
  • 316 Stainless steel D-rings: 4S + 15M
  • Handles: 5+4
  • Max loading: 750kg
  • Max persons: 5+1


The RR4 rescue sled is a versatile craft designed for use in rivers, lakes and flooded urban and coastal areas. Its lightweight, portable design allows for it to be carried into remote bodies of water, for example in mountains.

With an extended platform on the stern, the sled can help provide efficient casualty recovery. Stability is aided by the sponsons and 15 cm thick double walled floor. The sponsons are finished with rubbing strakes and have a diameter of 23 cm each.

Multiple grab handles of different sizes are present all around the sled, and the craft is also fitted with 19 D-rings.

The RR4 is very manoeuvrable, suitable for shallow water and can be paddled, pulled by hand or towed by a jet ski, boat or small hovercraft.


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