Res-Q Jack Super X Lifting Struts


  • Pin-free operation
  • Quick and compatible end-fittings
  • Air fittings available
  • X-Strut lifting power
  • Safety Factor 2:1


Featuring threaded collars in place of our standard pins, the Super X- Strut is our most intuitive and fastest-deploying strut. The Super X is not only effective for vehicle stabilization, lifting and extrication. It’s also rugged enough for structural collapse, trench, and mine rescue (see our Technical Kits & SPX Trench Shoring systems). The Super X comes standard with a hollow inner tube (red) for a lighter-weight strut, but it may also be purchased with a solid inner tube (black) for a higher working load. With the highest working load of all our struts, the Super X is ideal for heavy rescue, but can also quickly stabilize and lift a small vehicle