Res-Q Jack Super X Shore Struts


  • 66cm supports up to 17,236 kg
  • 127cm supports up to 13,880 kg
  • 188cm supports up to 11,408 kg
  • 239cm supports up to 6,432 kg
  • 285cm supports up to 4,707 kg
  • Safety Factor 2:1
  • Available in 6-Point, 8-Point and 12-Point configurations


The Super X Trench Shoring System excels in any trench rescue scenario. Machined from high grade aluminum and featuring the same functionality as our Super X-Strut line, the Trench Shoring
System will meet all your trench shoring needs. The Super X Trench Shore features a unique positive stop that keeps the inner tube from falling out, and are available in three sizes to  accommodate a variety of situations. Each is compatible with our Super X-Strut components, as well as competitor components. Available as a 6-Point, 8-Point and 12-Point configuration.