Res-Q-Jack Auto X-Strut Series Lifting Struts


  • Pin-free, Twist free operation
  • Quick and compatible end-fittings
  • Head fittings are compatible with Super X-Strut and Auto X-Strut fittings as well as competitor head fittings
  • X-Strut lifting power
  • Safety Factor 2:1


Lightweight and ultra-portable, the Auto X-Strut First Responder Strut puts the speed of pin-free operation in a compact package for the most intuitive, fastest-deploying vehicle stabilization &
lifting strut on the market.

Pin-Free Twist Free

Threaded inner tubing makes setup and operation fast and smooth, while allowing for infinitesimal height adjustment when stabilizing or lifting and lowering loads. The unique design includes a
positive stop, eliminating the risk of over-extension and strut rotation

Quick & Compatible End Fittings

Change end fittings in an instant with the pull of a single retaining pin. Comes standard with our 360° swiveling head for precise placement on any purchase point.

Compatible Heads & Extensions

Auto X-Strut head fittings are compatible with our Super X-Strut and Apex X-Strut fittings, as well as competitor head fittings.

X-Strut Lifting Power

Transforms from a shoring strut into a lifting strut in seconds with our removable mechanical Add-on Jack.

Safety factor 2:1