Res-Q Jack Apex X-Strut Lifting Struts


  • Pin-free operation
  • Quick and compatible end-fittings
  • Head fittings are compatible with Super X-Strut and Auto X-Strut fittings
  • X-Strut lifting power
  • Safety Factor 2:1


The new Apex X-Strut takes the popular design of our Auto X-Strut and beefs it up for even more capability. This well-rounded strut features the combination of a square aluminum outer tube,
allowing for a ratchet on the standard size strut and an internal positive stop to eliminate the risk of over extension. Accepts up to 36” of extension on both the short and standard size strut.

2-Point Standard Kit gives you the ability to perform the four basic techniques.

Texas 3-Point Kit allows stabilization and lifting one car. Because the kit comes with a variety of accessories, it is also suitable for stabilization in complicated or multi-vehicle scenarios.

4-Point Deluxe Kit gives you the ability to stabilize two cars and lift one of them. With enough accessories to manage and control all directions of movement, this kit is the best all-round package.

2-Car Deluxe kit is capable of stabilizing and lifting two cars in almost any situation, and can handle up to three cars in a more simple application. Accessories allow for many different
applications and make stabilization in complex scenarios faster and easier.