Paratech Pakhammer Kit

Kit includes:

  • Pakhammer, with Inline Oiler
  • Pressure Regulator 5,500 – 0 psi
  • Air hose 9.5mm dia / 10m Yellow
  • Bit, 35.6cm Chisel 2.5cm wide
  • Bit 27.7cm Curved metal cutter
  • Bit 35.6cm Bullpoint
  • Oil, lubricating 124g
  • Hex key 0.6cm
  • Hex key 0.5cm
  • Manual, Operating and Instruction
  • Goggles, plastic safety
  • Ballistic Nylon Carrying case (73.7cm x 27.9cm x 33cm)
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A 1000 –1100 high impact blows per minute, 11 pound impact tool that dramatically increases the range of forcible entry and rescue work initial responding units can handle without calling up heavy equipment. The Pakhammer is the only pneumatic impact tool of its size that is designed to operate from portable air cylinders. It is an ideal tool for bus and train rescue, high rise work, collapse rescue or any situation that requires a powerful impact tool that operates from a limited air supply.


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