E4000 Multi Gas Detector


  • Smart inter changeable sensor module
  • MOS, Catalytic, Infrared, Electrochemical & PID sensors selectable
  • 100,000 detected records available including peak value
  • Two alarm level for each channel
  • STEL & TWA alarm for toxic gases
  • Visual/audible/vibrating alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Data Uploading Function
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E4000 is a united gas detector measuring maximum four (4) gases, to protect the disasters caused by the O2 deficiency, toxic gas poisoning and combustible gas explosion. It measures continuously maximum four gases of combustible gas, O2 and toxic gases, and displays their concentrations. Once the risk occurs, it also raises the alarm (visual, audible and vibrative). By adopting interchangeable smart sensor module, it can be made for detecting 2 gases, 3 gases and 4 gases.


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