Paratech ARFF Grab & Go Kit

Kit includes:

  • Pakhammer, with inline Oiler
  • Pressure Regulator 5,500 psi
  • Air Hose 9.5mm dia. /10m Yellow
  • Piercing bit
  • Heavy Duty Metal Cutter Tool bit
  • Panel Cutter with Relief for Aircraft Windows tool bit
  • Oil, lubricating 124g
  • Hex key 0.6cm
  • Hex key 0.5cm
  • Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case
  • Neoprene Plug 10.2cm (2)
  • Plug Driver
  • Coupling
  • Tool Bit Pouch
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This multi-purpose kit is designed to handle numerous functions in ARFF. Includes a cutting bit designed to cut aircraft windshields and canopies, a cutting bit to cut sheet metal, a plug driver bit and neoprene plugs for leaksealing, piercing nozzle that can penetrate the GLARE composite skin as well as, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The 14” Piercing nozzle can flow water or chemical firefighting agents like foam etc. to help put out fires.


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